Shaolin originated from Kanchipuram(India)

Thanks to Bodhidharma the Great Indian from Kanchipuram who helped the world to get to know an extraordinary skill like this

Hey guys good to see you back again thumping and cheering in borsigplatz :)..Today I have a completely newfangled information for you..

Everyone knows Kung fu I reckon ..right?? Ok assuming Yes to be the answer lets begin…

Kung fu has various styles and one such style is „Shaolin Kung Fu“ and it is widely practised in china but many people do not not know where it came from–Here is the answer –Shaolin originated from South India(to be more specific Kanchipuram) now lets see the history of it:

1500 years ago there were Wei and Chin dynasty where xiaowen was the emperor who had a staunch belief in Buddhism and Bodhidharma was the master in his court and he traveled from India via Indonesia to China to teach Buddhism and eventually Emperor Xiaowen built a residential monastery for Bodhidharma who was the master in his court,since it was located deep inside the woods at the foot of shan mountain it was named „shaolin“. ‚lin‘ in chinese means woods but there may arise a question :

Why do buddhist monks have to learn a combat skill???

The answer is very simple -since the Monastery is deep inside the woods it is nevertheless prone to wild animals attacks so Bodhidharma the great sage from India want to make sure the Buddhist monks are aware of some combat skills to withstand the fight–This was the actual reason for the establishing shaolin

Flexibility is the key,the more flexible you are the more pain you can withstand and the more pain you can withstand the more powerful you are..Thought the lessons and the combat looks terrifying Shaolin warriors and students do not eat Meat and they are 100% vegetarians.

There are different methods the students usually practice to get them more acquainted with Kung fu and lets see some of those basics they learn at shaolin school of Kung fu education and students have to wake up at 4 AM in the morning and start practising the following lessons one by one everyday(Devotion and sincerity is the key to Kung fu)

Zha ma-The basis of strong attacks-In any sport or skill you learn first,one has to know how he can stand still and firm the person has to keep a pot on their hands(one in each hand) and one head and make sure they are able to stand firm for 2 hours and this has to be practiced everyday.

The technique of Slapping water develops mental toughness and by choosing the freezing cold weather on slapping water will help the student to develop his mental toughness and resist rough weather.

Biao Zhang: is the way to strengthen delictae human fingers the many nerves in the fingers make them extremely sensitive to pain and therefore weak ,for a kung fu devotee he has to push his fingers into a bean and this will seem like a very easy thing to do but after 30 minutes this will results in a unbearable pain this will help the student to bear the pain when he is in a combat.

Hitting the candle flame from a distance exposes the explosive power of a punch and when the hands push with full force then may be the candle will go off but only when you do it with utmost concentration and sincerity since it requires a lot of power,if the candle goes off it is relit again and the exercise is performed.

A normal person can turn his foot back only by a maximum of 90 degrees or 90+small degrees but a trained kung fu master can rotate his foot to 180 degrees this is called tong qi gong.

Another method is called Guan dao which basically says to disarm an opponent and deflect his strikes rather than to attack. Sometimes a large undecipherable cloth is attached to the end of weapon so as to confuse the opponents and not allowing them to know the actual length of your blade.

Courtesy:National Geographic and Wikipedia for pictures and some valuable information

OK guys hope you found this interesting and informative..This is sesha signing off for now 🙂


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